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Welcome to your Vancouver-West End / Coal Harbour Community Website

Dear Friend,

I hope your July was wonderful, and that your August is even better. 

It’s a busy time in our neighbourhood, with many festivals, tourists visiting, and our local businesses enjoying the busiest time of the entire year. 

As we enjoy, and sometimes endure all the activity, I’m reminded constantly by visitors of how much they love our neighbourhood.  I agree, and am glad to call it home. 

It’s been a busy time in the office as well, standing up for seniors wrongfully charged by BCHydro, improving pedestrian safety, helping constituents deal with illegal rent increases/evictions, and speaking out against pollution in our ocean to name but a few of the issues me, and my team have been working on.     

But it’s August – so back to enjoyment.  Whether it’s ShoreFest, Cinema in the Park or more intimate events at Roedde House to name but a few we have so much to do, and be engaged with. 

And the biggest event of the year, is of course our town parade, Vancouver Pride, which celebrates our community’s long held resolve to stand up, speak out, and celebrate lesbian, gay, bi, and trans equality, and protests the continued hate and intolerance too many still have to face. 

I’m proud to represent a community of people who from early on demanded LGBT rights, and supported the first  MLA’s to ever rise to speak in support, the late Rosemary Brown and Emery Barnes, and elected as the first out Gay man in Canada, Tim Stevenson. 

In honour of Pride 2014 here are some successes and challenges for LGBT human rights in BC over the past year.

Transgender people in B.C. win a battle over identity

Why I’m saying nyet to Sochi Winter Games

School board trustees had ‘gone rogue,’

Vancouver Catholic schools adopt transgender policy, a Canadian first

It has certainly been a critical year marked by many steps forward and a few back.

All-in-all, I remain hopeful that love and compassion is winning instead of hate and intolerance.

And after all, that’s what Pride is all about.

Wishing you a great Pride, a very happy BC Day and a wonderful August.

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