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Welcome to your Vancouver-West End / Coal Harbour Community Website


Dear Friends.

Thanks to all who contacted me on the Teacher’s dispute with the BC Liberal government. 

I am so pleased that a tentative agreement has been reached and I hope that it leads to real improvements for our kids and teachers. (more below)

So many of you have also shared your shock and concern at the environmental disaster at the Mt. Polley Mine tailings pond.(see below for more)

As the Opposition Environment Spokesperson, I’ve had the opportunity to see the devastation first-hand. I was saddened and angered by what I saw and learned in Likely and the surrounding area.  It seems our government has abandoned their duty to protect our air, water and land.  I will be sure to raise these critical issue in the Legislature when it reconvenes in October.

Over the past couple of months, the West End and Coal Harbour has seen a dramatic increase in renovictions, tenant harassment, and just plain old greed-motivated evictions.

And although we now know that the maximum rent increases are 2.5% for 2015, that hasn't stopped a few sneaky landlords from trying for rent hikes larger than the 2.5%.

Remember, you never have to sign anything your landlord asks you to. (Other than when you first move in)

Yet so many Tenants sign an agreement with their landlord agreeing to increases their rents in excess of the maximum.

Don't sign away your rights!  If in doubt, call us before signing anything.

I will continue to stand with renters in our struggle to achieve meaningful legislation that protects renters from bad landlords, and ensures that when people break the rules it costs them. 

Cheating the system for profit should never be an acceptable business model – unfortunately, with zero penalties ever levied under our current government, it seems to be.


PS: I am bringing my mobile community office back to the West End Farmers Market on Sat. Sept. 20th. I hope to see you there.

Congratulations to Teachers, Parents &

Students on their return to School

On the line with West End Teachers

I would like to thank all of you who have spoken with me, written or called to talk about the importance of our public education system and improving learning conditions for kids.

Although the transition back to the classrooms may take a couple of days, I know that students are eager to learn, teachers are primed to educate and parents are more than relieved.

The Mt. Polley Mine Disaster

Please see photos below from my visit to see the devastation of the collapse of the tailings pond.  If this can happen at a mine the BC' that government argued was low-risk, how can we trust them when they talk about "world-class standards" for oil tankers?
Click the images to link to a news story on the accident.



Better protection needed for renters following eviction notices for West End tenants
(click photo below for more information)

Upcoming Community Events
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The 2nd Annual West End Food Festival

September 18-22

Join Me!
Grand Opening Pacific Heights Housing

Co-op's Little Free Library
Ribbon Cutting Sat. Sept. 27. @ 10:00am

1023 Pacific Street, on the sidewalk beside Pacific Street (near Burrard).

Tales From the West End
Mingling, Story Telling & Treats

Mon. Sept. 22 6:30-8:30pm
JJBean-1209 Bidwell

King George Secondary 100th Anniversary
October 3 & 4



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