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Budget 2015: $230 million tax break for the top 2%, paid for by BC families   British Columbians already stretched to their limit will face more fee and rate hikes in 2015, continue to get less in services, and pay for Premier Clark’s tax cut to the highest paid British Columbians as a result of the B.C. Liberals’ budget.

Families are already struggling – their costs are going up and their wages are flat. As if it isn’t enough that families are being nickeled and dimed by rates and fare hikes, they are going to pay to give a break to British Columbians who need it least. 

Low and middle income earners need a break, but are instead facing another four-per-cent hike to MSP premiums, a six-per-cent hike to hydro rates, ferry fare hikes, higher tolls, park fees and ICBC rates.

BC wages aren’t keeping up. In fact they’re falling in real terms. Instead of giving a break to families who are struggling, the B.C. Liberals singled out the top two per cent of income earners for a $230 million tax cut.

While families are paying more, they’re also getting less in services like schools, hospitals and seniors’ care. At a time when parents and young people are worried about opportunities to gain skills and training, the Clark government is cutting $14 million from higher education.

Fewer home care hours, lowered standards in nursing homes, overcrowded hospitals, lack of family doctors and underfunded schools as examples of reduced services to families.

I am back in Victoria for the spring sitting of the Legislature. We’ll see the introduction of a new budget, new legislation, and hopefully a new tone.  I hope the Premier and her colleagues show up ready to work, and have something more to say in response to challenges of affordability, climate change, and economic uncertainty than ‘LNG’. 

Our Community
Every day I hear from people in our community about how they are feeling squeezed by rising rents, MSP fees, hydro, and more. Housing affordability continues to be one of the biggest challenges for people in the West End and with the possible loss of hundreds of affordable apartments in the sell off of BC Housing properties (like Nicholson Towers), we all need to stand up and speak out. If you want to get involved or tell your story, email me.

Health services in our community continue to be challenged. I've spoken out against the government's sale and closure of the only ambulance station serving downtown Vancouver. Their move makes no sense when seconds can mean the difference between life and dealth, and with a population as big as ours. I also recently spoke to Global and called once more for the BC budget to finally includes the money long promised for renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital. More to be done.

There are some great community events in the coming weeks -- please look below for more details.

I'm always eager to hear from you. Please come by my office, email or write to me and let me know what you're thinking.




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Upcoming Community Events...

  • February 1st-28th, 10th Annual Helping Hearts Campaign for the West End Seniors' Network. Click here for more details.
  • February 16-22: Heritage Week! Check out events at Heritage Vancouver.
  • February 17th, (Tuesday): Tales from the West End at JJBean on Denman. 6:30-8:30pm.
  • February 19th, (Thursday): Farewell party for WESN ED, Eric Kowalski at Barclay Manor. 3:30pm
  • February 19th (Thursday): Extreme Trampolining with Young Ideas at Gordon Neighbourhood House. See details here.
  • February 21st, (Saturday): Lunar New Year Community Event at the West End Community Centre. 10am-2pm.
  *if you know a community group or class that would like some pockets, please tell us!

Upcoming Transit Referendum

Click here to read why I will be voting "Yes", and urge you to do the same. If you need more information, please check out The Mayors' Council reports here.

I need your help: Would you like to volunteer with me to talk to people about transit and the referendum in our community? Email me and let me know!

Don't agree? Want to talk about it? I'm always interested in your thoughts.


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